Save All Night Jazz on WUSF

Rising Up to Save All Night Jazz on WUSF-FM in Tampa: Testimonials & Media Coverage

Listeners and Musicians

Cynthia Shellabarger

I have been listening and loving All Night Jazz for decades. We need to keep music on the air. There is already too much talk radio. I need a break- Keep The Jazz show!

Don Binder

There’s already enough talk on the radio. And Jazz is an American art form, that people of all ages, etc. enjoy.

Dale G

Not everyone can afford digital streaming.
Please respect those of us who work late night shifts and still use our “radios” . I not only depend on listening nights but love the great tunes as well. This will devastate a lot of us and $ support as well

Albert Bunshaft

Jazz is THE American art. Ask for support, don’t just shut down.

Thomas Mueller
I’ve been a huge fan of “All Night Jazz ” since the ’80’s. Vic Hall’s signature words, …..”The Truth in Jazz” applies here with a twist – the truth in Jazz is “All Night Jazz”

Lucretia Dovi
I truly value and have long listened to All Night Jazz, listening and learning and standing proud that our community has had a long strong tradition supporting excellent jazz, both nationally and locally.

Amelia Volion
Jazz is quite relaxing and you can feel the music

Julien Rothe
As a young jazz musician in Sarasota, there is not too much in the area to facilitate a jazz education. Our wusf jazz station was not only extremely helpful to me in learning about jazz artists and music, but was also a great way for culture to be retained and remembered.

Derek Gendvil
I listen to jazz radio all the time.

Leslie Holland
This show is a Tampa institution and well loved. Please reconsider.

Barbara McLoughlin
i Love music!!!!

(Petition, 10/21)

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