Save All Night Jazz on WUSF

Rising Up to Save All Night Jazz on WUSF-FM in Tampa: Testimonials & Media Coverage

Pablo Arencibia, Jazz Pianist and USF Adjunct Jazz Prof

WUSF General Manager JoAnn Urofsky, please keep WUSF All Night Jazz on air.

WUSF All Night Jazz has been on the air for 56 years serving as a hub for music lovers, musicians, club owners, venues, and artists in general. It’s a unique program without competition or parallel in the region. It serves the function of elevating this region’s radio quality by broadcasting high-quality music, announcing relevant events and performances, and allowing local, national, and international artists to present their work and have a voice in the media.

Some people dedicated a great deal of their life to making WUSF All Night Jazz what it became: a reference point for the Tampa art scene. I heard about presenter Bob Seymour and All Night Jazz before I put a foot in Florida. Mike Cornett was the last official director of All Night Jazz and he led a team of excellent music experts to keep a carefully crafted program on the air. Current staff includes Steve Splane, Dominic Walker, Jackson Harpe, Alicia K, and Simon Lasky who all do a great job of keeping audiences entertained and educated in this highly regarded truly American art form: Jazz.

According to Creative Loafing, no explanation has been given on why the program is being taken down other than “will be replaced with great public radio programs beginning Monday, October 31.”

Letting All Night Jazz die will impact the Jazz music scene in Tampa significantly and will deprive thousands of loyal listeners of this oasis on the local radio.

Please join me in asking WUSF and its General Manager JoAnn Urofsky to keep this wonderful art hub on air.

(Petition to keep jazz on the air at WUSF)

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