Save All Night Jazz on WUSF

Rising Up to Save All Night Jazz on WUSF-FM in Tampa: Testimonials & Media Coverage

La Lucha, Long-Running Tampa Bay Area Jazz Trio

For those in our Tampa Bay area community and friends outside of our hometown, we want to say how disappointed and saddened we are that WUSF 89.7FM (our local NPR station) has decided to discontinue All Night Jazz from their programming. This is an immense loss to radio listeners and our larger music community.

La Lucha has called WUSF a home and the All Night Jazz staff an extension of our family. They always welcomed us with open arms and have constantly supported local artists. WUSF All Night Jazz provides a special connection between artists and their audience not only by showcasing new music on their broadcast, but by allowing them to speak about their art on air through thoughtful and entertaining interviews.

We cannot overstate the impact and importance All Night Jazz has had in the artistic development of many Tampa Bay artists. We can only hope management will reconsider their decision and continue to be true exponents and champions of America’s art form. Our heartfelt thanks and sympathy go out to all the fantastic staff at All Night Jazz. We truly appreciate all you do!

Get in touch with WUSF Public Media and let them know how you feel about this decision. Their number is (813) 974-8700; Gen Mgr Joann Urofsky –; Program Director Sheila Rue —

(Facebook, 10/24)

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