Save All Night Jazz on WUSF

Rising Up to Save All Night Jazz on WUSF-FM in Tampa: Testimonials & Media Coverage

WUSF’s ‘All Night Jazz’ listeners protest its removal from the air (USF Oracle)

By Camila Gomez and Bailey Wegenast (10/28)

While driving from the Miami International Airport to Tampa, adjunct professor Pablo Arencibia turned on the radio and listened to All Night Jazz for the first time. 

“I heard about this program even before I put my foot on Florida,” Arencibia, who organized the event, said. “[All Night Jazz] was probably the first station I stopped by the dial when I just entered the highway here in Tampa.”

WUSF announced the decision to cancel All Night Jazz two weeks ago. The time slot previously filled by the show will be replaced with public radio programs, according to Creative Loafing Tampa Bay. The show has run on WUSF for 56 years and will stop running Oct. 31.

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