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As ‘All Night Jazz’ ends, WMNF announces a new jazz radio show (Tampa Bay Times)

Bob Seymour was a longtime host of “All Night Jazz,” which WUSF recently announced would be leaving the airwaves. Now he’s returning to WMNF.

By Gabrielle Calise (10/31)

Local music fans around Tampa Bay were devastated when WUSF 89.7-FM announced the sudden ending of its 56-year-running radio show, “All Night Jazz.”

Now, a longtime host of the radio show is hopping over to WMNF 88.5-FM to bring the jazz back.

Bob Seymour spent 35 years at WUSF before retiring as jazz director in 2016. On Monday, Nov. 7, he will become the new host of WMNF’s new program, “Jazz in the Night.” It will air at 9 p.m. on Monday nights, replacing “The Beauty Salon and Barbershop Blues Show.”

“Suddenly, it seems there’s a need for jazz on the airwaves, and it brings me back together with 88.5,” Seymour said in a news release Monday. “I’ve been happy maintaining a presence in the area’s music scene in recent years, but I’ve missed the immediacy that comes with radio.”

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